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Quick History
Oil Center Research, Inc., began in 1958 manufacturing a work-over fluid for oilfield well servicing companies. Currently the product line includes over 1,000 products, with worldwide distribution to many industries. From humble beginnings 50 years ago, Oil Center Research has become an industry leader, with a reputation for quality products and unrivaled customer service.
Our Mission Statement:
To operate safely while making quality products at the lowest cost and to deliver to the customer on time.
Quick Overview
Our Company has expanded both in size and product lines throughout the years; many of the products are environmentally safe and may be used for a broad range of applications in many different industries. The numerous lines now include products for the following industries: oilfield, automotive, marine, fishing, petrochemical, heavy manufacturing, agricultural, and medical. Oil Center Research continues to meet the customer's demands for the highest quality products available.